‘I Totally Relate To Nomadland,’ Says Wealthy Van-Lifer With 100k Followers

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YOSEMITE, Calif. — 24-year-old van-lifer, influencer, and yearslong recipient of her parents’ financial support Ella Reinhol mentioned in a lengthy Instagram post Thursday that she totally related to 2021 Academy Award nominee Nomadland, puzzled sources report.

Nomadland is so relatable, I mean, like, that’s basically my life too! That’s literally all I could think of during the whole movie!” said Reinhol from her $200,000 van equipped with solar panels, running water, an air fryer, and WiFi. “Frances McDormand’s character and I have so many similarities. She worked at Amazon and I Amazon Prime things to a drop box wherever I’m going next on my trip. We both have had to spend nights in the cold. Except when I get too cold, I just get a hotel LOL, she should’ve thought of that.”

Reinhol’s boyfriend, Braden Jackson, explained his love of the film too.

“Ella totally reminds me of the main chick in the movie, except Ella is way hotter. Oh, and I’m  either like the dude she’s with in the movie or that  guy from Sound of Metal,” Jackson, who doesn’t wear shoes because they ‘confine him’ explained. “They lived in a van, I live in a van! They travel the country after losing their jobs, and I’m on a trip to find myself after working at McKinsey for two years. It’s so sick to see myself represented on screen.”

Nomadland director Chloé Zhao commented on this trend.

Nomadland is about loss, mourning, and growing, but for some reason all these privileged ‘van lifers’ who don’t know anything of the sort have been saying this is exactly like their life. The film follows a woman who is struggling with grief and financial desolation, not some 26-year-old’s journey to become social media famous. I wanted to show that the nomad lifestyle was once done for necessity, not as a way to seem ‘off the grid’ while posting 24/7.”

At press time, Reinhol was found laying naked in a stream recreating the shot from Nomadland to post on her Instagram.

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