Indie Trailer Prominently Features Hand-Held Shot Of Person Gliding Their Hand Through A Field Of Wheat At Golden Hour Under Intertitles Of Critics Describing Film As “Powerful” and “Intimate”

SALT LAKE CITY — The first official trailer for upcoming independent film “Glistening Reverie at Daybreak” captivated audiences this morning by prominently featuring a hand-held shot of a woman tenderly sliding her hand through a field of wheat at golden hour under intertitles describing the movie as “powerful” and “intimate,” ecstatic viewers reported.

“The cinematography in the trailer was beautiful. I mean, how can you beat fluidly controlled close-ups at sunset?” said 20-year-old NYU student Atticus D’Arcy, in between reading articles about the trailer to ensure his own thoughts would be unique. “Also, the utilization of Super 8 shots to represent the carefree nature of the past evoked an overwhelming cascade of senses that I’ve never experienced in the American cinema before. Stunningly tender, if I had to sum it up.”

However, those involved in the construction of the trailer were less enthusiastic about their product.

“All I did was follow the same formula I use for all the Sundance/TIFF fare. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone eats this shit up every time,” said trailer editor Jan Coats. “I’ve put the same Vivaldi movement in 4 trailers and nobody’s noticed. Then all I have to do is choose understated acting moments so critics can praise the naturalism, and there you go, you’ve got yourself a critical hit.”

The writer-director of the film had offered his thoughts about the creation of the film’s unique style and its trailer’s rapturous reception.

“I just wanted to create something fresh like their work that looked lyrical yet heavily choreographed, so that’s why I used a Steadicam for the field of wheat, rather than going fully hand held,“ said director Lionel Bradford. “I learned the trick by studying the old masters. I’m heavily influenced by them, especially Barry Jenkins and Denis Villeneuve. Considering everyone’s early reactions, I think my dedication to the craft has paid off.”

At press time, a trailer showcasing a shy child shouting in exaltation as he learns to come out of his shell while riding a giant bird in a fantasy world while “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire plays in the background had begun trending on Twitter.

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