Man Announces Plan To Revisit Film

LOMBARD, Ill. — Film fan Dominick Pittman announced earlier this week to friends and family that he plans to ‘revisit’ the 2007 Coen Brothers’ film No Country For Old Men after possibly not giving it a fair shot when it was released, sources close to Pittman confirmed.

“I just remember not being very into it and I didn’t understand why everyone was so crazy about it,” Pittman said while talking movies with a friend. “Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood for it, or I was expecting something else. I was only sixteen when I saw it as well, so maybe I wasn’t mature enough to understand the narrative shifts and themes. I’m going to have to revisit that one.”

Friend, Megan Schneider, doesn’t necessarily believe in Pittman’s intentions to watch the movie a second time.

“Anytime we start talking about movies and I say one that I like and he didn’t like it, he says he is going to revisit it. But he never does,” Schneider said after loaning the DVD of No Country For Old Men to Pittman. “He said that about The Departed, Sideways, Tree of Life, and that was just from our conversation over the weekend. If he didn’t like it, fine, but don’t act like you are going to give it another watch. I don’t think Dominick has ever watched a movie a second time, actually.”

University of Chicago Film History Professor, Emmett Lyons, strongly suggested people go back and rewatch films.

“I honestly believe that you should revisit every film you have ever seen at least one more time in your life,” Lyons said from the U of C screening room he rarely leaves. “We grow as people and watching a film like Pokemon: The First Movie when you are a child will have a much different impact when you are twenty, thirty, even forty years old. I recently revisited  Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen now that I am a father and my opinion has completely changed.”

As of press time, Pittman had yet to revisit No Country For Old Men, opting instead for the new Tom & Jerry movie which he dubbed ‘delightful.’

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